High Maintenance Therapy

High Maintenance Therapy

Branding and Packaging


High Maintenance Therapy is a boutique wellness center specializing in holistic therapies and spa services. Located in a competitive market, they approached us with the goal of establishing a unique and recognizable brand identity, expanding their online reach, and ultimately increasing client engagement and revenue.

Brand Identity Redesign: We conducted a thorough brand audit and redesigned their logo, color palette, typography, and visual elements to convey a sense of luxury and serenity. This new identity emphasized their commitment to holistic wellness.

Our efforts continued by developing a content strategy that included blog posts, social media content, and email marketing campaigns to engage with the target audience, build credibility, and establish High Maintenance Therapy as an authority in the wellness industry. We managed and optimized their social media profiles, creating a consistent brand voice and sharing engaging content that resonated with their audience.



Comprehensive Branding Packet: We created a comprehensive branding packet that included brand guidelines, messaging strategy, and a brand story that highlighted High Maintenance Therapy’s unique value proposition.

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