TYDEi Health

TYDEi Health

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In our partnership with TYDEi Health, a trailblazing healthcare tech-enabled service, our digital branding agency embarked on an exciting project that aimed to transform medical device procurement processes. TYDEi’s innovative solution provides end-to-end management, streamlining digital transactions, mitigating vendor inventory risks, and safeguarding patient health information and privacy.

Our journey began with a comprehensive branding overhaul. We took on the task of designing TYDEi’s logo, carefully crafting a visual identity that symbolizes their commitment to excellence in healthcare technology. Additionally, we curated a distinct color palette that resonates with their industry and conveys trust and reliability.



Shaping TYDEi’s brand positioning and refining their voice was essential in establishing their unique identity in the healthcare market. To achieve this, we conducted thorough market research, ensuring a deep understanding of their target audience, competitors, and market trends. This valuable insight allowed us to craft a compelling brand narrative that effectively communicates TYDEi’s value proposition.

Visual elements played a crucial role in TYDEi’s brand representation. We curated imagery and developed custom iconography that visually captured the essence of their tech-enabled healthcare solution. These elements were seamlessly integrated into multiple printable artifacts, empowering TYDEi to make impactful presentations and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

To accelerate their growth, we created a digital deck that collects vital information from medical institutions, facilitating a streamlined lead generation process. This strategic approach ensured a steady influx of new leads into TYDEi’s pipeline, propelling their business forward.


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