O.B. Fit 

O’niel Brown Fitness

Web Development and Brand Positioning


O.B. Fit is a fitness haven led by a passionate trainer committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. When O’niel approached us, his aim was to establish a standout brand identity, build a professional website, and roll out a marketing strategy that would resonate with fitness enthusiasts and prospective clients.



We embarked on a collaborative journey, to discover an energetic brand transformation. Analyzing his brand allowed us to unleash its potential with a vibrant logo, a dynamic color scheme, typography, and visuals that radiated energy and fitness zeal. The new brand identity truly embodied his fitness philosophy.



The comprehensive branding packet for O.B. Fit “The Fitness Preacher” goes beyond visuals; it’s about storytelling and connection. It includes brand guidelines for a consistent look and feel, precise messaging that resonates with his audience, and an invigorating brand narrative. This narrative encapsulates O.B. Fit’s unique approach to fitness and his unwavering commitment, making him more than just a trainer but an inspiration and motivator in the fitness world.



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