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Here at Gravitt8 Development, our experienced designers are equipped with expert skills to create successful brand identities. We have over 15 years of brand development expertise. And we take the time to understand the needs of every industry background our clients are in. Our team keeps up to date about the ins and outs of the market and its trends. By doing so, we can produce the most appropriate and inspiring image of your brand. Our logo designs speak for themselves and depict the highest level of professionalism. We know how important it is for your business to surface itself in the industry. So we assist you in putting the best foot forward by sketching unique and innovative logos.

As per the latest trends, our logos come in various categories. From retro/vintage to a modern-vintage perfect combo. 

Brand development

Every brand has a story to tell! The more intoxicating the story, the more engagement you get from your target audience. Our branding experts help you craft a brand story thats authentic, relevant and one of a kind. A logo is your brand’s first impression! A truly great logo should be simple, memorable, and enduring. And a great logo should be something that helps to establish and strengthen your brand’s identity; while promoting your product or service.  

Our Branding Process

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Gravitt8 will work with you to discover what is unique about your brand and understand your position within your industry.

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After the discovery phase, our writing team will work on messaging, core values, and personality to define who your brand is and what it stands for.

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From logos to business swag, our graphics department will design everything you need to convey your newfound brand identity.

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We will help you implement your newly formed brand strategy and visual identity across all your digital presences.

Our Branding Projects:

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