Derrick Reed is running for Congress to ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard AND included. Political campaigns are highly competitive by nature, this is why it was important to convey Derrick’s message and brand in a congruent way that eliminates any blurred lines.

We took into consideration the demographic region where he looked to capitalize, researched the best way to gain alliances with his campaign and produced a responsive platform that would create awareness and incentive for voters.

Reeds political message was a critical asset to his overall branding. We were able to refine his copy, shape his color pallet and form a relatable persona that made him personable to the community.

From a historical standpoint, Derrick Reed is the first African-American to be chosen by voters to sit on the city council in Pearland, TX – and the only Democrat. This is an added incentive that increased the detail and intentionality directed towards this site.


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