Maxx Pure Systems is a cleaning solution that has been created to get the most putrid smells out of house hold decor and commercial furniture’s. The beauty of this product is that it’s 100% safe from hazardous chemicals that causes serious ailments which are common in other commodities that are on the shelves. Our approach to this aesthetic had to reflect a complementary theme that was kid friendly, inviting and clean. Hence our decision to implement the minimalist approach.

The Clean You Can Feel

When dealing with any product that requires measurements and procedures, communication is vital! Our goal was to construct the information in a digestible manner and facilitate it to the user without causing any confusion throughout the process. The approach was to add recognizable icons and instructions to gradually create a comprehensive bread crumb trail that was subconsciously rewarding.

Utilizing various elements was a key component for relative gesture whilst adding to the narrative of an all in one cleaning solution. For example, the vector image of the wind and all the characteristics that having clean fresh air implies. From the relaxing temperature identified by the color pallet to the fresh spring smell that permeates the atmosphere; finding a conjoining factor is key when creating a mood for your audience.

Consistency in layout and navigation helps your users to optimize the full use of your site with efficiency. This serves as an indicator to reflect if your site is confusing or if it emits a seamless experience.  


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