“Excuses don’t get results!”, is the illustrious phrase that Coach O’Neil Brown (OB – Fit) lives by. His passion for health, intensity to fitness regiments, and relentless commitment to his faith gave him the title “The fitness preacher”.  

Our mission was to convey the raw emotions of OB Fits persona and translate that to a relative user experience that not only inspires but encourage health conscious users to get healthy. We discovered that physical training sites can create a challenge due to the limitation reach of your audience. However, we were able to collect the analytics of his location and tier our approach towards those potential clients who are in need of his service.

The greatest thing about technology in the sports sector is that it has unlimited potential. Our bodies emit tons of data during physical activities and although this wasn’t the bottom line for OB Fit we were able to add some standard logic to keep people active and methods to sustain their mindset. 

This projected served as a valuable tool in the anatomy of human transformation but most importantly the countless testimonies of how people who were challenged found what was living inside of them; seeing their inner strength elevating the outer appearance.


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