“Surro” (Surroundings) – The idea of this app was birthed from the notion of finding someone in a crowded environment. Sure location driven applications escorts you in proximity, but what if you’re at a ball game or a congested airport and need pin point directions to your party while having live interaction and real time video guiding you all the way. This is the what Surro is equipped to do.

The Surrounding

Our mission is to replace the irritation that comes with being lost and converting that into real time feeds, with live interaction to refine your excursion and group pairing with friends adding the social aspect to a collective problem.

In most successful applications, simplicity is a noted key for great user experience. We harness the persona of the users to present an at a glance interactive component. Our objective was to integrate premier features supported by some of the most powerful platforms on the planet that will lead you to your group.


Max Pure


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